Ayurveda healing retreat

renew and restore

Ayurveda healing retreat

Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Offered: Year Long* 

PRICE: $2300 / DEPOSIT: $499


"Ayurveda is one of the most remarkable holistic medical systems in the world."

(Dr. David Frawley)


Ayur stands for "Life" and Veda means "Knowledge", Ayurveda is the oldest Science of Life, and a sister science of Yoga. It is an integrative system of knowledge that teaches us how to be our most healthy, balanced self, with a combination of lifestyle practices, nutrition principles, healing therapies, and conscious mindset. 


This retreat is perfect for anyone looking to focus on their health and wellbeing, or with a goal of healing a particular health issue, chronic disease, or find balance. Your activities, yoga practice, and nutrition will be tailored to your Ayurvedic body and mind type (dosha), and daily healing treatments specifically designed to address your needs, as advised by our Ayurvedic therapist. The retreat includes an Ayurvedic consultation to best understand your needs and prepare you for your healing journey. 


We advise our retreat attendees to take this time for themselves, whether traveling alone, with a partner or in a group, in order to truly disconnect from everyday life and retreat into a peaceful state of body and mind. Ayurveda suggests the most profound healing and restoring is done when we are free from everyday burdens and responsibilities, and feel free to spend our days calmly and enjoying life. 

What's included:

  • 7 night stay in a private room in a local boutique accommodation 

  • Two daily meals, plus specialty healthy foods like detox tea, smoothie or juice (plant-based, Ayurvedic)

  • Ayurvedic exam to determine your body-mind constitution (dosha) with advice on best healing therapies and nutrition

  • 7 daily treatments based on Ayurveda and holistic healing, designed by our therapists to address particular needs

  • 4 yoga private or semi-private classes customized according to your needs (choosing from restorative, vinyasa, aerial* yoga)

  • Guided meditation or singing bowl meditation

  • Pranayama breathwork class 

  • Local airport transfer (Tamarindo)


  • Walking distance to the beach, entertainment, restaurants, farmers markets

  • Free Wifi

  • Access to pool and other amenities (depending to location: communal kitchen)

  • Free consultations with our specialists on topics of yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, nutrition

  • Many add-on services at special prices: Jyotish Vedic astrology consultation, Ayurvedic nutrition and cooking class, additional meals,  additional wellness services, surf lessons, SUP or SUP yoga classes

  • Assistance with flight booking

  • Assistance with international airport transfers (fee applies) 


Personalized retreats are customizable to your needs.

Our customers really like the fact that they can come at the time that serves them. Instead of joining a group and adjusting your vacation days and travel plans to pre-set dates. You have the option of joining other participants in group classes, as well as enjoying private sessions. You are free to remove or add anything you desire from our service options, and we will simply adjust the price and take care of the logistics. 

This retreat is a full body and mind reset. Receiving daily treatments that have been advised according to the results of your Ayurvedic consultation is a very profound form of healing, similar to Ayurvedic panchakarma treatments. Therefore, this program is definitely a step beyond a relaxing vacation, but a deep wellness rejuvenation and health journey.