Matea Zajec

Founder, Hari OM Yoga and Wellness, Hari OM School of Yoga and Ayurveda

Matea began practicing yoga in her teens in Croatia, as a result of her great interest and fascination with oriental cultures and teachings. Eventually, her hobby grew into a passion, and passion into an occupation. She relocated to Belgium to dedicate to her studies, yoga and meditation practice, residing in an ashram and studying theology and philosophy with the University of Wales. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Eastern Religions and Theology. 


While traveling as a visiting Aerial, yoga and meditation teacher, she fell in love with beautiful Costa Rica. She began participating in various local projects, getting to know the country and recognizing the love for yoga, wellness and a healthy lifestyle. That led her to found Hari OM Yoga & Wellness. The mission of Hari OM is to create a health-minded conscious community, by offering educational workshops on topics of Ayurveda and nutrition, Yoga classes, retreats and teacher trainings. 

Certifications and expertise: E-RYT Yoga teacher, Aerial and SUP yoga teacher, Meditation teacher, Sound healer with Tibetan singing bowls, Thai Massage therapy, Bio-orgonomy, Reiki Master, Jyotish counseling, Ayurveda counseling

Adriana Zajec

Ayurvedic doctor, Reiki master, therapist

Adriana Zajec has been a healer for over 20 years. While searching for a cure for her daughter’s childhood illness, and after having little success with conventional methods, she turned to Ayurveda. Not only did she find a solution to her and her family’s health struggles, but she found a new calling as well.


Today, Adriana is an Ayurvedic counselor, massage therapist, and energy worker. She draws from many sources to find the proper treatment and path for each of her clients. She is an astrology reader and Vastu/Feng Shui counselor as well.

Not only has Adriana worked with hundreds of clients, assisting them in successfully healing chronic pains, life-threatening diseases, and lifelong struggles with illnesses and disorders, but she is a satisfied client of Ayurvedic and energy healing herself. She has successfully healed from cancer, and lives to share her positive experience. 

A Croatian native, Ada studied Ayurveda in Mysore, India, and Europe, under a guidance of a renowned Ayurvedic doctor. She practices in Europe, United States and Costa Rica, and her clients hail from all over the world. 

Certifications and expertise: Ayurvedic doctor, Massage therapist, Reiki and Karuna Reiki Master, Bio-orgonomy karmic healing, Regression therapy, Vastu counseling 

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