Free Hari OM Wellness Challenge

Announcing Hari OM Wellness challenge for the New Year and new decade!

We believe physical and mental well-being are the cornerstones of a healthy and balanced life. Our mission at Hari OM is, among other things, to create a supportive community where we can grow together. We want you to join us! In this challenge, we will share our favorite tips and tools, developed by our team; delivered directly into your inbox and social media feed.

Sign up now for our FREE January 2020 challenge and receive: ​ 🌟Yoga Videos 🌕Guided Meditation 🌱Ayurvedic Nutrition Cookbook ✨End of the year journaling guide 🌟Positive affirmations 🌕Intention setting and vision board 🌙Daily Instagram and Facebook inspirations and tips

How to join the Challenge: 🌕 Visit the Wellness challenge link ( and sign up 🌟 Follow/Like Hari OM Yoga & Wellness and Matea Yoga 🌙 Use #hariomwellnesschallenge Hashtag in your Challenge posts and tag us ✨ Share this photo on your social media and invite your friends to join in!

Challenge begins on December 30th with the first email on setting positive intentions for the new year (and decade!) and it will run through January! We will be here to support you as we set intentions and goals for the new chapter, and work on achieving a balanced and mindful lifestyle together.

No previous experience necessary. All are welcomed!

Oh did we mention there are challenge awards involved? Stay tuned for more info! .

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