Highlights from our Yoga & Ayurveda trainings in Costa Rica

April - May 2021, Tamarindo Costa Rica

We successfully completed another signature Hari OM Yoga & Ayurveda 200hr teacher training, Ayurveda fundamentals and Ayurveda specialisation training in tropical Costa Rica in May. As part of our celebration, we want to share some highlights with you, our Soul Tribe.

Opening Ceremony at the beach

It is always a special treat to come together with like-minded individuals from all over the world and share our passion for Yoga, Mindful living, spiritual practices, holistic health, and much more. We combine our favorite personal development practices with the stunning backdrop of Costa Rica that allows us to practice yoga and meditation on the beach, go paddle boarding, wake up with the sounds of howler monkeys in the morning, and drink fresh coconut water straight from the coconut itself.

Despite the Covid measures, international travel is open for Costa Rica, and we were able to host students from the US, Canada, Europe and South America. Some traveled to Costa Rica just for our events, while others had already been traveling the country for a while before joining our courses.

It's a beautiful day for a YTTC graduation

The weather treated us nicely. (Newsflash: it always does in Costa Rica!)

At the cusp of the dry and rainy season, we had mostly sunny days (that we took advantage of by enjoying the beach, the local farmers market, and an occasional shopping break). We had quite a few beautiful (and hot) mornings on the beach practicing yoga, and a few stunning sunsets practicing meditation or pranayama. Our students got to practice teach their sequences (that they write themselves) in an outdoor setting as well, getting used to different environments. We find that to be particularly beneficial for post-covid times, when outdoor events are ruling our current social lives, although yoga in the park or on the beach has always been a popular choice. With the few rains that began to fall, we got to see our beautiful nature replenish, as the flowers bloomed and the trees became greener, long awaiting the nourishment after a thirsty few months. We can’t wait to return for our fall course in October to lush greens and that signature tropical rainforest vibes.

Celebrating Costa Rica

The Yoga & Ayurveda teacher training students did amazing! Yes, there are always challenging moments, be it personal reflections related to our inner journey, adjusting to a new place and a new sadhana (yogic daily rituals), or learning new techniques, practices and even languages (that Sanskrit is quite complex; and Latin isn't' the easiest to memorize either). Just like the balance of yin and yang, we go through waves of laughter and share some tears. But we find both to be equally important parts of the process. We saw some of our students make big life-changing decisions in the process, and wonderful relationships and supportive friendships formed in the process.

Come exam days, after some feelings of uncertainty and anxiety, late-night studying and tons of pop-quizes, they all did fantastic on both their written and teaching exam. We are proud to share that some of those shining souls are already teaching yoga and sharing Ayurveda, with a few of them choosing to stay in Costa Rica, while others continued their journey home or to new countries and adventures.

We had a few extra souls join us for the Ayurveda Fundamentals training (part of the 200hr program), including a physician looking to implement more holistic methods into her existing medical practice. That is always fantastic news, and we had quite a few interesting (and sometimes lengthy) discussions on various topics pertaining to health, lifestyle, current medical systems, nutrition and more. With Ayurveda, we explored nutrition and cooked together, spoke of the importance of mental health and that body-mind-spirit connection, and discussed ways to implement holistic tools in our modern-day lives.

After completing the Yoga & Ayurveda teacher training and Ayurveda fundamentals course, Hari OM hosted the Ayurveda specialization training. This course is designed for those students looking to deepen their understanding of Ayurvedic methods and practices, and those looking to either begin a wellness or coaching practice, or add Ayurveda to their existing one. We had our 300hr Yoga teacher training student, as well as recent graduates of the 200hr program attend the course. We learned about Abhyanga self massage, dove deeper into Ayurvedic nutrition, practiced shirodhara oil baths, and some students complemented their therapy practice with Reiki energy healing as well.

Big thanks to all of our students and members of the Hari OM Family!

We look forward to connecting with you soon.

Coming up: Yoga & Ayurveda teacher training, Ayurveda fundamentals training and Ayurveda detox retreat in Croatia (select July - September dates).

Yoga & Ayurveda teacher training, Ayurveda fundamentals training and Ayurveda specialization training Costa Rica (select October - November dates).

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