Living with Authenticity

Updated: May 1, 2020

by Kathryn Farrugia

Photo by: Matt Ordeshook

In the middle of the night, I woke up with a start and one word came into my mind...authenticity. What is the meaning of this? I wondered. So I spent the next day contemplating the significance of this specific concept popping into my consciousness. Later, I realized that it is authenticity that we should focus on during this interesting time in history.

What a perfect time to go inward and tap into our truth. Right now there is no office to report to, no meetings to attend, no social gatherings filling up our calendar. We are left with all of our stuff, both good and bad. This is our time to go through all of this stuff to see what we actually want to hold onto.

Do the inner work...

So what exactly does “inner work” entail? I would say this answer might be different for everyone. For some it’s a few minutes of quiet contemplation, for others it’s hours of meditation. It doesn’t require any special ancient techniques, the important thing is quieting the outer world. I recommend whatever activity that you enjoy and can be done mindfully. If it’s something that you enjoy, you will be more likely to incorporate it as a part of your daily routine. Seated meditation is the obvious one, but any activity done mindfully can work. Perhaps it’s walking, running, hiking, gardening, painting or cooking.

It’s important to get off social media and tune out the opinions and expectations of others. With that stripped away, we can break through the shell of the ego, which is easy to get wrapped up in. When we are caught in the ego, we are also doing things that might not be aligned with our true purpose. Have you ever felt like you had to hustle so hard and obstacles just kept appearing? This may be because you were doing what your ego craved, not what your soul truly desired.

In our world, it is easy to get stuck into these traps of things that we “should” do. We listen to the expectations of others and end up living according to someone else’s rules. This won’t work, and being misaligned can take its toll on you mentally, physically and spiritually.

Have the courage to let go…

Once you tap into your truth you may uncover some things that are no longer serving you, it is important to let these things go. This likely won’t be easy, it takes courage. Releasing these misalignments usually means letting go of something comfortable, whether it’s a relationship, job or a home. Stepping into the unknown and getting uncomfortable is not pleasant, but it’s a necessary step for growth and evolution.

I lived for years in Los Angeles “hustling” and getting nowhere. I had a lot of fun and interesting experiences, but something didn’t feel quite right. Once I had the courage to leave what was no longer serving me, there was a shift. I got a job that was more aligned with my beliefs and things just flowed. I realized that I was now acting from the place of my soul and living in alignment.

Once you quiet the noise of the outer world, you will be in a better position to tune into your truth. Each soul on this planet is here for a reason, there is something that you are meant to teach, learn or create. Being tuned into your truth, you can act from a place of authenticity where your soul can shine through and you can live your purpose.

After quarantine when the world comes together again, we have the potential to elevate our society and live in a more just and compassionate world. At our core, each and every one of us is pure love. If we take this time to get back to that place, the world we create will be blissful and beautiful.


About the Author:

My name is Katie and I am an educator, yoga teacher, plant-based cook, and world explorer. After discovering yoga nearly 10 years ago, I felt inspired to share with others this ancient wisdom that transformed my life. I am dedicated to helping others become their best selves and realize their full potential. My hope is to bring light into the world through my yoga classes, writing, and plant-based cooking. You can learn more at ZENutrition

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