The Best Ayurvedic Diet For The Summer Months

(This article by Matea Zajec was originally published at Sivana East)

As the summer months approach, our lifestyle begins to change. We shed layers of clothing, (hopefully) get to spend more time outdoors enjoying the sun rays, maybe take a break from school or work, enjoy a vacation or staycation. With the changes in temperature and environment, naturally our diet changes as well. Summer staples might include barbeque or ice cream, for kids and adults alike, but we have a chance to enjoy more fresh produce as well. We eat fresh fruits (watermelon is my personal favorite) and enjoy more raw foods as no one wants to sweat over a stove.

Ayurveda, if you aren’t familiar, is an ancient holistic medicinal science originating from India. More specifically, it originates from the Vedas, the same source as Yoga. As such, it teaches us about living in line with nature, both the nature around us and our own nature. The foundation of Ayurvedic knowledge is the principle of the five elements (earth, water, fire, air, ether) that form the three doshas, or body-mind composition (vata, pitta, kapha). We all have the five elements and the three doshas within us, but their unique combination forms our constitution. Ayurveda’s approach to our health is based on that unique constitution, and it offers lifestyle, medical and nutritional advice based on it. One can get an insight into their unique body-mind composition by either completing an online dosha test, or even more accurately, visiting an Ayurvedic health coach, practitioner, or doctor for a consultation.

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