Why take a Yoga Teacher training?

Interested in deepening your knowledge of yoga, but you're not sure if a yoga training is the right step for you? Read our free guide

You love yoga, have heard it’s incredibly good for you (and are inclined to believe it), and have noticed these yoga teacher training popping up around you. But maybe you’re not sure if it’s right for you. I’ve devised this guide to help those interested find their fit and get answers.

A well rounded and immersive program might offer more than you think! One of the main misconceptions I have encountered in yoga practice, is that yoga is not for everyone. And if you’re reading this, maybe your first doubt is: “I don’t think I am (insert adjective) enough for it”. Not strong enough. Not advanced enough. Not flexible enough. I’ve heard them all.

Maybe you don’t feel ready. You might think you need to be more fit, more spiritual, more mindful. Whatever the worry, I guarantee that 9 times out of 10, it is not true. More so, this attitude might be the very thing keeping you from taking a next step to your own goals and dream lifestyle. And what many don’t realize, is that yoga is here to help us with those exact worries and concerns. We practice yoga to become more flexible, not the other way around. We study yoga books to learn about mindfulness. All you really need to embark on the journey is an open mind.

There are various styles of yoga, classes, and types of teachers, you just need to find the right fit. Same is true beyond just a regular yoga class. Retreats, immersions, trainings and workshops are generally designed for a wide audience, with an intention of bringing quality knowledge and experience into your life. And everyone deserves to be healthy, peaceful, and happy, and can learn to do so via the medium of yoga and its accompanying practices of meditation, Ayurveda and so on. Many attendees of retreats, for example, are not super experienced handstanding yogis, quite the contrary. I generally work with people who are at a crossroads in life, are seeing answers, ready for adventure, need to retreat (pun intended) from everyday life, stress and responsibilities. They are more often jump-starting their healing and wellness journey, instead of mastering it.

Similar is true for Yoga trainings. While some level of experience and practice is required for you to be able to absorb new knowledge best, you are in no way required to be a master of asana, or your own mind for that matter. More important than being capable of putting your body in advanced yoga poses, is having a good connection of mind-body and being able to put teachers cues and instructions into practice. Willingness to learn is my number one requirement. Other than that, I have been devising these trainings and working on my yoga repertoire for years, with a goal and desire to help others in many areas of life, just as yoga has helped me. So if you’re contemplating it, but are not sure if it’s right for you, read this guide and see if you can find yourself in it. After all, I am aware it is a great investment of time and money, and beyond that, possibly an emotional, transformative and unique experience, and you should embark on this journey if you feel it is the right thing to do.

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